‘Jurassic World’ Slot To Land Before Sequel

Jurassic Park was one of the most influential movies of the 20th century. It has set a new standard for visual effects (and pocketed an Oscar for them), and it received the biggest awards a science fiction movie could dream of – a Saturn and a Hugo. Its first sequel was a moderate success, and the third movie of the franchise was generally considered to be a B-movie. This has all changed when the fourth movie of the franchise was released – the highly anticipated movie managed to overtake Marvel’s mightiest heroes in the box office on its opening weekend.

Now a sequel for the movie is on its way, set to be directed by J.A. Bayona. But let me drop another quick fact for you: a Jurassic World slot machine will likely be released before the sequel.

Jurassic Slots

Players at the All Slots Casino were surely delighted at the beginning of 2014, when the game developer behind it announced its latest Universal deal. The promise of a Jurassic Park slot machine to hit the All Slots Casino was a great thing to look forward to – especially since most All Slots Casino players surely remember seeing the movie when it first hit the screens. They had to wait for almost half a year to see the result, but it was worth the wait: the Jurassic Park slot machine looks great, feels great, and it’s filled with action, jungle, and dinosaurs.

This year the same developer made another surprise announcement: it has signed a a licensing agreement with Universal Brand Development for a Jurassic World video slot machine. Judging by the release schedule of the previous game, we can expect the Jurassic World slot machine to be added to the All Slots Casino slot machine games library in a few months time, most likely before the holidays. Months before the sequel of the movie will be released.


Let’s take a look back on the release of the previous game. The developer has announced its licensing agreement with Universal in February 2014. The Jurassic Park slot machine hit the market in August 2014, about ten months before the release of Jurassic World. Long enough for the players to indulge themselves in the game, and be prepared for the revival of the franchise.

The developer has announced its fresh deal with Universal Brand Development in February. Judging by the previous game’s release schedule, the Jurassic World slot machine might be released any time between August and December. The developer has already made its announcement due for August and September, so the earliest date we can expect the Jurassic World slot machine to be released is October 2018. About eight months before the sequel hits the market.

Are you excited?


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