‘Jurassic Park IV’ Now ‘Jurassic World’, Plus New 2015 Release Date


Things just aren’t looking up for director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), who is attached to direct the previously titled Jurassic Park IV, which is now titled Jurassic World.

Everything about this projects stinks. Well, maybe aside from Trevorrow hopefully bringing some promise to the film.

Aside from that, the new title and release date bump gives us very little hope for a quality project.

The film was slated for a June 2014 release, but will now be bowing into theaters on June 12th, 2015. That’s an entire year away, which means Universal must be still shuffling things around at a quick rate to make sure this thing goes behind the lens in time.

I can only imagine how awful the script is at this stage.

Nothing will ever top the original film or even the slightly awesome sequel, but I still have hope that this new film has the chances of washing out Jurassic Park III from existence.

Here’s a leaked footage reel that hasn’t been confirmed as authentic just yet. Take it for what it’s worth:

Source : Shock Till You Drop

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