Judd Apatow’s ‘This Is 40’ To Receive A Sequel


One of December’s most expected  disappointments was Judd Apatow‘s Funny People follow-up This is 40. I sort of knew it was going to be a bloated mess going into it, but I still gave it the benefit of the doubt. Apatow clearly knows how to tell comedy and tell it well, but when he mixes that with too much drama (and too much Leslie Mann), things start to go off the rails.

I’d love to see him work with other comedic talents and possibly pen something a little less personal next time around, but it looks like he has plans to revisit This is 40 sometime down the road with a sequel.

Here’s what the director said:

“Yes… because I like the series that Truffaut made where he revisited the same character five different times in five different movies. I think it’s fun to see people grow up. I’m interested in it with Leslie (Mann) and Paul (Rudd)’s characters… Pete and Debbie… but I’m even more interested in Maude and Iris. When we first met Maude’s character, Sadie, she was 8-years-old, she didn’t understand where babies come from and know we see her five years later and she’s just cursing and screaming and having teenager problems so I’m thinking that maybe in the next one she’s in college……or maybe I’m just lazy and this is a great way to make home movies…”

So a sequel might not be the next thing on his plate, but he does show interest in exploring those characters some more. I sure hope that isn’t any time soon.


Source : Getty Images


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