Juan Antonio Bayona To Direct ‘World War Z’ Sequel


This past summer, Paramount released Marc Forster‘s delayed and highly discussed film adaptation of the popular novel, World War Z, staring Brad Pitt.

Most thought the film’s rocky road through production and final release meant that it was going to bomb or at least disappoint financially and as a product of quality, yet, to everyone’s surprise, the film earned some decent coin and a sequel was immediately pushed on the table. Also, the film itself was decent and even surprised me a little bit (my review right here).

Now, they want to begin moving towards a sequel. Forster isn’t too eager to return, so they’ve moved on and confirmed that The Orphanage and The Impossible director Juan Antonio Bayona will be taking over directing duties.

This isn’t really groundbreaking news, but it’s a good sign for the sequel, as long as the writing and the rest of production doesn’t get too muddied before release.

J.A. Bayona really impressed me with both The Impossible and The Orphanage, so I have no doubts in my mind that he’ll be able to deliver a worthwhile sequel to an action film that almost dropped off of everyone’s radar this past summer.

The sequel should be hitting theaters sometime in 2015.

Source : First Showing

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