Joss Whedon Confirms The Identity Of The Aliens In The Avengers

One thing that the marketing for Joss Whedon‘s upcoming comic-book blockbuster The Avengers hasn’t focused on is the alien race that Loki leads. They’ve been shown in the TV spots and trailers, but nothing about their origins/history has really been discussed and most fans of the comics have been dying to find out where they come from.

Comic Book Movie has the latest scoop from Joss at a recent press conference. Here’s what he said:

The alien race are the Chitauri — or a version of them — because they are not one of the key races and they don’t have a storied history. That wasn’t the point. I know this debate will go on long after I’m dead. I would say it was the Kree-Skrull race.

I really wish I knew what that meant, but I’ve never read an Avengers comic. I’ve mainly stuck to Spider-Man and The Punisher.

Any Avengers fans care to shed some light on the Chitauri?

The Avengers opens in theaters on May 4th, 2012.

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