Josh Trank In Talks To Direct Venom Film

I know this next piece of news sounds really odd, especially since Sony has rebooted Spider-Man, but it’s not completely unbelievable. According to LA Times Chronicle director Josh Trank might be the guy to bring the live-action Venom movie to the big screen.

Sony previously had a script written, but after Sam Raimi‘s disastrous third entry in the Spider-Man series, nothing was considered. So, if this new idea actually comes to life don’t go expecting Topher Grace to reprise the role.

I like the idea of a full-fledged Venom film, but I’m also really concerned with Sony’s priorities. Are they going to make a separate film and later tie it in with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or are they simply looking to make a Venom movie and go from there? I don’t want them forcing him into the situation just for the sake of getting people interested in a spin-off film. We all know how that turned out. Things should come about naturally, which is a rarity in the movie making industry.

Surely they just want to capitalize on the easy money if Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man does well, but I’d love for them to move ahead regardless.

What are your thoughts on the decision of choosing young director Josh Trank? His work on Chronicle is kind of hard to judge, since it was a found-footage film, but I’m all for young talent getting some bigger projects. Keep in mind this is all just talk for the moment.

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