Josh Brolin To Star In Oldboy Remake

Just when the announcement of Spike Lee directing a remake of the Korean classic, Oldboy, was settling in, we get hit with some major casting news. Bad Ass Digest is reporting that Josh Brolin will be playing the leading role in Spike Lee‘s take on Oldboy.

While Devin was quite excited with this prediction come true, I still am on the fences. I guess I just need to get over the fact that the remake is coming, regardless of what I think. Hopefully it does the original some justice and hopefully it can direct new fans towards the gritty classic!

I’ll have to see set photos or something before it really sets in, but for now this news is satisfying. I like Brolin and I think he just might be able to pull it off. My main concern is with Spike Lee. I’m not a huge fan of his work, having only seen a few of his films and I just can’t see him tackling Oldboy.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you like the combination of Spike Lee and Josh Brolin or would you prefer a different pairing?


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