Joseph Gordon-Levitt Won’t Be In The Upcoming Justice League Movie

Settle down people. Less than 24 hours ago there was a widespread rumor going around that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing the role of Batman in the upcoming Justice League live-action film. This wouldn’t make too much sense, since JGL‘s role from Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t exactly the same Batman that most know for Justice League, but rumors need something to do, so they went nuts across the web, only for one of JGL‘s reps to flat out deny any involvement with the film.

This is smart, because his character from TDKR should be left alone and attached to that series and not this new DC start up that involves Man of Steel and Justice League. I’d rather they just bring in a whole new Bruce Wayne/Batman played by a new actor.

Even though they’ve denied his involvement I wouldn’t count him out completely. I can’t believe any of the word on him only signing a one picture deal and I also can’t believe him turning down such a role if offered. Sure, JGL doesn’t really need it at this point, but the chance to play Batman in one of the largest assembled films of all-time is just too hard to pass.

Would you like to see JGL play Batman in Justice League?

Source : Total Film

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