Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stars In Premium Rush Trailer 2

Does anyone else remember seeing a trailer for Premium Rush sometime last year? It was that one starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an extreme biker delivering packages. I remember seeing it because I busted out into laughter at the theater, while everyone else kept staring off distantly into space.

Sony moved Premium Rush back to August 24th, 2012, to capitalize on JGL‘s fame from films like 50/50 and The Dark Knight Rises.

The film also stars the always magnificent Michael Shannon, who looks to be having a complete blast in this film, playing the typical over-the-top bad guy.

Premium Rush looks a little too silly to be taken serious at all, but I like some of the camera angles on display in this latest trailer and hopefully it’ll make for a high octane cyclist flick!

Check out the trailer below, via Yahoo:

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