Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Others Considered For Guardians Of The Galaxy Lead Role


The James Gunn-led Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy is focusing on a few interesting names for the leading role of the film. It was originally down to Jim Sturgess and Zachary Levi; two respectable young men that could really launch their careers with such a big (and interesting) movie, but now a new name has slid across the desk, which just might send everyone home puzzled.

The name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he was recently seen in the DC movie The Dark Knight Rises, with hints at him taking on the role of Batman in the DC team-up movie Justice League.

Could and more importantly would JGL be up for the task of playing in two major tent-pole series of films? Would he even be contractually allowed to star in a Marvel movie having already appeared in a DC one?

These are all really good questions that I hope we get answers to soon, because JGL leading Guardians of the Galaxy would be something that I’d like to see.

How about you?

Source : The Film Stage

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