Jose Padilha Says ‘Robocop’ Remake is “Hell”

A lot of fans have been closely following the Robocop remake that is currently underway under Brazilian director Jose Padilha, and like with most remakes of beloved movies, those fans have been highly critical of the remake before a frame has even been shot.  Drew McWeeny over at HitFix got his hands on the script a while back, and had less-than-stellar things to say about the script, even going so far as to say Len Weisman‘s Total Recall remake will look good in comparison.

Now, The Playlist is reporting that Padilha’s good friend and fellow Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles has spoken to to the director of the Robocop remake director, who had the following to say about the production:

“I talked to José Padilha for a week by phone. He will begin filming ‘Robocop.’ He is saying that it is the worst experience. For every 10 ideas he has, 9 are cut. Whatever he wants, he has to fight.”

Sounds like typical Hollywood filmmaking, but the director also had this to say:

“‘This is hell here,’ he told me. ‘The film will be good, but I never suffered so much and do not want to do it again.’ He is bitter, but he’s a fighter.” said Meirelles.

Many see this as just the beginning of trouble, as the film is set to start shooting this month, so he’s having these problems in pre-production alone.  It’s no reason to write the film off yet, but with a negative script review, fan resistance, and a troubled director, it seems the entire production will be an uphill battle the whole way.

The one thing the film does have going for it is an excellent cast, with Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) starring as Robocop, the recently added Michael Keaton as the villain, and other players including Michael K. WilliamsGary Oldman, and Samuel L. Jackson.  Only time will tell how the film will turn out, but we’ll all see next August when the film hits theaters, if it stays on schedule.

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