Jonathan Levine To Direct A Spy Film Produced By McG

Jonathan Levine is without a doubt one of the most talented directors working in Hollywood today. He’s such a diverse filmmaker, dipping his toes in virtually every genre. He’s done horror with All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, he’s done a coming-of-age flick with The Wackness, he’s done a cancer comedy (that’s also very much a drama) with 50/50 and he’s currently working on a romantic zombie film called Warm Bodies.

So it only makes sense for him to change gears yet again, to tackle the spy genre. Twitch is reporting that Levine has been selected by McG to direct Dead Spy Running, an adaptation of a Jon Stock novel that has been scripted by Stephen Gaghan and Jamie Moss.

All of this sounds great, but one name doesn’t really fit and that’s McG. He’s without a doubt one of the most talent-less directors working in Hollywood and we can thank the heavens for him only being a producer. His Terminator film didn’t really feel like a proper Terminator film (is there such a thing anymore?) and his latest film, This Means War, worked primarily because of its actors, not McG‘s direction.

Here’s a synopsis of the original book:

“Daniel Marchant, a gifted covert operative for MI6, is suspended after the CIA forces the British to dismiss his father from his post as head of England’s intelligence service. Both Marchants are seen by the Brits as regrettable collateral damage in the war on terrorism, but after Daniel foils a suicide bomber in the London Marathon, saving the life of the American ambassador, he’s renditioned to a CIA black site in Poland and waterboarded. MI6 breaks him out of the prison and Daniel must avoid a global Agency manhunt to foil a terrorist plot and salvage his father’s reputation.”

Anyone else as excited as I am to see the next Jonathan Levine production slowly form? Warm Bodies sounds terrible, but I’ll see it solely for the fact that Levine is behind it. Dead Spy Running sounds a lot better and I personally hope the film gets made.

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