Jon Watts To Direct ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot; Tom Holland Starring As Peter Parker

The dust between Marvel and Sony has settled and the two have finally settled on an official director and star for their upcoming Spider-Man reboot, which hasn’t been given an official title just yet.

Cop Car director Jon Watts will be helming the film. I find this news somewhat underwhelming, but I also haven’t seen Cop Car yet, which I’ve heard lots of mixed reactions to.

For all we know this could be the best decision yet. Admittedly I was rooting for Jonathan Levine, but I’m sure both Marvel and Sony saw something strong in Watts to give him such a big responsibility.

Tom Holland will be playing Peter Parker, replacing the highly-rumored Asa Butterfield. Apparently Holland was a sure-thing for awhile, but Sony and Marvel absolutely had to make sure that they didn’t mess Peter Parker up.

Again, I have no opinion on the matter, with Holland being an experienced, but still an up-and-comer that most won’t be familiar with.

It’s only a matter of time before we find out more.

Source : B.M.D.

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