John Woo To Remake John Woo’s The Killer

Admittedly I have never seen John Woo‘s The Killer. That’s probably not the best way to start out a post like this, but I figured I’d get that out of the way right off the bat.

The latest news coming from Bad Ass Digest is that John Woo wants to produce an English-language version of his own film The Killer. John H. Lee will be taking over directing duties.

Most fans of Woo out there are claiming The Killer to be one of his finest films to date and the idea of a remake (English or not) is not only unnecessary, but probably going to fail.

Woo being this involved with the project doesn’t really make things better, because he hasn’t really made a great film in years.

I’m (like most people) getting really irritated at all of these foreign classics that are getting remade for American audiences. Just read the damn subtitles!

Here’s what Woo had to say about the remake:

“THE KILLER” is one of my most beloved projects. I have wanted to make an English-language remake and thrilled to have John H. Lee on board to make that happen. Lee brings a perfect blend of emotion and stunning visuals to his films and I have supreme confidence he’ll bring this story to a new generation and do it justice.


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