John Carter Gets An IMAX Mondo Poster

Those of you planning on attending Disney’s John Carter at their local IMAX will be happy to find out that a limited number of posters designed by Mondo will be given out at various midnight releases of the film. The poster, which can be seen above, looks absolutely beautiful. It’s big, open and more interesting than any of the trailers released so far.

John Carter isn’t a movie that I’m particularly looking forward to, but I do want to see it at the closest REAL IMAX location. If the film ends up stinking then maybe the visuals will at least be worthy of a 3D surcharged view. There hasn’t been that much positive buzz surrounding the film so far, but I’ve been known to like a few films that were classified as stinkers in my day.

What do you think of the poster? Will you be trying to get your hands on one?

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