John Carpenter’s Halloween Coming Back To Theaters This Fall

Good news horror fans! John Carpenter‘s horror classic Halloween will be seeing a re-release in select theaters this fall. That’s right; Shock Till You Drop is reporting that the plan right now is to release the film in October, nationwide and with a special treat for fans. The special treat will be in the form of a mini-documentary that will play before the film, titled You Can’t Kill the Boogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween.

I’m overly excited for this release, because unlike most horror fans around the world I actually didn’t find the original Halloween to be all that special. I know what you’re thinking and just hear me out. I’ve only seen the film maybe twice and both times were on DVD during some random hours of the day.

I’ve never been able to experience the horror magic on the big screen, with fans surrounding me. I was mostly unaffected after watching the film, but I always knew it was because of the setting in which I watched the film. I’ve been looking forward to properly revisiting Halloween for some time now and I’m extremely pumped to check it out during the month of horror!

Will you be checking out Halloween when it makes its way into theaters across the country for the first time since 1978?

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