Joe Carnahan Off The ‘Death Wish’ Remake


Joe Carnahan continues to be a director that I respect so damn much. Not too long ago I posted several videos that showed the director discussing projects of his that never came of anything, while also revealing his opinion on the current state of filmmaking.

He’s such an honest talent that churns out amazing film’s left and right, with last year’s The Grey being my personal favorite of his.

The latest word on Carnahan is that he’s off of the Death Wish remake because the studios wanted him to go with Bruce Willis as the leading man while Carnahan wasn’t too big on that idea at all.

Good for him.

I love that he doesn’t ever feel the need to bend over backwards for the studios if they throw something as stupid as casting Bruce Willis in the Charles Bronson role for the Death Wish remake at him.

It’ll probably be better for him in the long run, because chances are high they’ll completely miss why the original Death Wish worked so well and instead go for something more generic and more Taken 2 or Die Hard-friendly.

Carnahan is now looking at picking up a project titled Narco Sub, which was previously attached to the late Tony Scott. There’s no doubting Scott’s influence on Carnahan as a filmmaker, which makes this project a perfect fit for him.

Can’t wait to find out more about it.

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