Jody Hill & Danny McBride Making Another Film Together. GET EXCITED!

Jody Hill is one of those rare comedic talents that when he makes something new you better damn well get your ticket purchased.

The Foot Fist Way is absolutely hilarious and a shining moment for both Hill and Danny McBride. They went on to work with each other on HBO’s Eastbound & Down, which isn’t as balanced in terms of comedy, but definitely gathered enough of a cult following to be considered a success for both Hill and McBride.

Also, Hill directed the criminally under-rated dark comedy gem Observe & Report, starring Seth Rogen in one of his best roles to date — so go and check that out immediately.

Anyways, the two are re-teaming for another film titled The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, which they co-wrote with Hill directing. Josh Brolin will also star.

I know nothing else about this project, but that shouldn’t matter, because it’ll probably be the funniest film of whatever year it ends up coming out in.

Source : Indiewire

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