Joaquin Phoenix Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’


Paul Thomas Anderson‘s upcoming film Inherent Vice was supposed to pit the artistic director with typical Hollywood funnyman Robert Downey Jr. The role seemed almost perfect for RDJ, because it required a good amount of comedy, while also some serious acting chops.

I was looking forward to seeing RDJ work with PTA, but now it looks like things have changed slightly. Instead of RDJ it appears that PTA will be bringing along Joaquin Phoenix from The Master.

Phoenix returned to acting after his little rapping side-project went sour on him and his return was spectacular. He lent a marvelous performance that’s one of the year’s best in The Master and he’ll probably walkaway empty-handed.

But re-teaming with PTA is always reassuring, because the two have shown that they can deliver when teamed up. Let’s just hope they can do it again.


Source : Variety

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