Jim Carrey and Conan

Jim Carrey Is A Possible Canidate For Kick-Ass 2

Jim Carrey and ConanRumors have been circulating the internet in regards to Jim Carrey’s possible role in the next Kick-Ass film. Officially, Deadline reports that the well know actor is being courted by Universal Pictures for a role in the film as the leader of Justice Forever, The Colonel. Even though Deadline reports that Carrey is indeed a probable candidate, they are quick to elude to the fact that though it is a great idea, it is “far from a sure thing.”
Besides the uncertainty of The Colonel’s casting, MTV displays confidence in the notion.

“Carrey has let his Kick-Ass fandom be known previously, so much so that he once sang a duet opposite Conan O’Brien in full-on Kick-Ass regalia. If negotiations pan out the way we all want them to, that musical number is just the tip of the iceberg for Carrey and Kick-Ass.”

Jim Carrey is not new to films adaptations of comics. Most obvious of these roles is that of The Mask, but we have also enjoyed his line, “Riddle me this…” in Batman Forever. I think it is safe to agree with Chud on the topic of Jim Carrey’s probable casting in this film and say, “Perhaps third times a charm in terms of quality.”

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