Jeremy Renner Returning For Another ‘Bourne’ Film


The Bourne Legacy was terrible. I’m sorry, but the film was awful and nothing like the previous three films, which starred Matt Damon.

It wasn’t exactly star Jeremy Renner‘s fault or even director Tony Gilroy, but more so the writing and the story’s general lack of purpose.

But the film did okay business, despite being a critical failure. So naturally news of another installment shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially considering the fact that the series did over $200 million dollars worldwide.

Reports are coming in saying that Renner will reprise the lead role in the fifth installment, with nothing but a writer confirmed. We have no idea when the film will come out and who will even direct it, but we do know that it is happening whether we like it or not.

Are you ready for yet another Matt Damon-less Bourne entry?

Source : Deadline

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