Jena Malone Cut Out Of ‘Batman V Superman’ Theatrical Cut

Zack Snyder tends to make long movies. Seriously, his Ultimate Cut of Watchmen is like four glorious hours long. It’s also the absolute best and only way to watch the film if you want to truly experience Snyder’s full vision and what he was trying to accomplish.

Which is why I’m not too incredibly worried about WB announcing an R-rated extended cut for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s home release.

Most are complaining about the unneeded cut, while I welcome it with open arms. Did it ever occur to anyone that Snyder was maybe toying with this cut long before Deadpool‘s R-rated success was discovered?

Studios often-times employ “unrated” or “extended” banners while promoting a home video release of a film, simply to get more people interested in buying it and possibly watching something different than their theatrical viewing.

Case in point now is that actress Jena Malone is apparently not in the theatrical PG-13 cut of the film.

We have no idea who she was playing or why she got cut, but we now know that she’ll be in the film’s R-rated cut on home video.

I think this piece of news is both exciting and disappointing. Exciting because now we know that the eventual R-rated cut isn’t just going to feature some more blood and perhaps a bit more extreme violence, but also an entire character that didn’t quite make the cutting room floor for theatrical viewing.

I’m disappointed in the fact that we won’t get to see Malone at all, but feel happy in knowing that Snyder is making some tough cuts and can hopefully trim Batman v Superman to the perfect degree.

Many have been worrying about the fact that the film is stacked more than Spider-Man 3 and it already boats a hefty two and a half hour running time, so perhaps Snyder has shot the greatest comic book movie of all-time and is now trying to figure out how to deliver it to us in a way that doesn’t completely butcher his vision, while also remaining structurally sound.

The wait continues.

Source : EW

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