Jaume Collet-Serra & Liam Neeson Thinking About Working Together For A Third Time: ‘Run All Night’


There must be something we don’t know between director Jaume Collet-Serra and actor Liam Neeson. The two worked together on the painfully forgettable film Unknown and they’re currently keeping each other company on the upcoming airplane thriller Non-Stop.

Now, it looks like the two might re-team yet again for a mobster thriller called Run All Night (formerly titled The All-Nighter). This would have Neeson playing a mobster that’s trying to protect his family from old friends. This would involve Neeson’s character killing a former boss and finding himself on the run from virtually everybody. There’s also some sort of damaged son plot-line, so this could tie-in nicely with his Taken roles.

I personally hated Unknown and don’t have much hope for Non-Stop. Maybe if they keep working together they’ll eventually find something that actually sticks?

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