Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy To Star In ID Theft

This has been a great year for comedy. More importantly, the R rated comedy. One big film that sticks out is Bridesmaids, which sort of came out of nowhere and ended up grossing a boat load of cash. Lots of people say the best thing about that movie was Melissa McCarthy‘s character, Megan and I tend to agree. Megan had me nearly rolling on the floor through most of that film and I think McCarthy just nailed it! Luckily for her the film was a success and she can now move onto bigger and hopefully better things!

Which is why this latest news, coming to you from The Film Stage, about McCarthy teaming up with Jason Bateman for the comedy ID Theft, sounds great!

Bateman was another big name going around this summer for R-rated comedies. He was in Paul earlier this year, with Horrible Bosses and The Change-Up following in the summer. While I didn’t really care for Horrible Bosses, I did think Paul and The Change-Up were funny, especially Bateman’s characters.

Originally, ID Theft was written for Bateman and another actress to star, but after he saw her in Bridesmaids he made a few calls to Universal Studios and got her in the leading role. In addition to starring in the film, Bateman will also produce it, along with Scott Stuber (Role Models).

ID Theft is about a man’s identity being stolen. The man being Bateman and the stealer being McCarthy.

I think ID Theft sounds like the premise for a perfect comedy. It’s something different, which Bateman really needs to keep himself fresh and it sounds like something McCarthy would work well in.

ID Theft stars shooting in April of 2012. Check back for more info as we get it!

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