James Wan To Direct ‘Fast & Furious 7’?


Just the other day I ran a story about a list of directors that Universal was eying to takeover the franchise from Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 director Justin Lin. Universal wants to get things going a bit faster for Fast & Furious 7, which has been rumored to be the finale for the series.

Instead of releasing it in two years their current plan is to release the next film in 2014, which would mean Lin would have to get going rather quickly on the next installment. Lin has made it clear that he doesn’t want to come back, which makes us wonder why and most importantly who is going to replace him.

The word is in and it’s none of the three directors that we previously mentioned. Instead, it’s Saw, Insidious and Death Sentence director James Wan.

This news is much more exciting than the other three names, mostly because Wan has been getting better and better as a filmmaker and also because Death Sentence — his only real action film, is an effectively grim remake/re-imagining that works so well because of its fluid action and pulled-back camera work.

Wan clearly knows how to shoot action, but can he do it quickly and with a larger budget? Recently he’s been all about shooting on the cheap end. Will the director go overboard if he’s given more dollars to play with?

I’d like to think that Wan can do a Fast/Furious film just as good as the next guy if given the proper chance.

I hope this story becomes a reality.

I leave you with a trailer for Death Sentence, which sort of hints at the awesome stuff Wan does with the film. I’m trying to hunt down a red band shootout clip that really shows off his talents, but I’m having troubles finding it. If you’ve seen it or know where I can find it then please drop a comment below:


Source : Deadline

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