James McAvoy The Latest To Star In ‘The Crow’ Remake?


I thought they scrapped Juan Carlos Fresnadillo‘s The Crow remake? At one point guys like Bradley Cooper and Mark Wahlberg were attached to play the titular character, but then things sort of fell apart and nothing ever progressed.

I assumed it was either put on the back-burner for a very long time or scrapped altogether, but now it looks like there’s still some progress being made.

The latest news is saying X-Men: First Class star James McAvoy might take on the leading role.

He definitely could fit the bill, but I just don’t see the film ever taking off. I’ve only seen the original film once and it never really stuck out as something worth remaking. I would like to see someone else portray the character, but at the same time seeing Juan Carlos Fresnadillo direct it could result in something bad. His latest film (Intruders) really sucked, but he did good things on 28 Weeks Later.

Do you think the time for a remake of The Crow has passed or is it still something studios should be actively pursuing?

Source : Screen Crush

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