James Mangold & Hugh Jackman Re-Teaming For ‘Wolverine’ Sequel


One of the summer’s biggest surprises was James Mangold‘s The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman as one of our favorite comic book characters. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an absolute disaster, yet X-Men: First Class reminded us that there’s still a possibility of good X-Men movies existing.

A lot was riding on Mangold’s take on the character, which was a slow-burn character study that really sunk into the character, while leaving the action on the back-burner. I loved the hell out of The Wolverine, minus its clunky and tonally confusing third act. Mangold’s attention to detail and ability to really focus on Wolverine, opposed to his enemies and other mutant characters, really helped make this one special.

Hugh Jackman also helped explore a side of the character that we haven’t seen before and it was refreshingly dark and mostly a great effort on both of their behalves.

And now Fox has greenlit a sequel, with both men returning.

There’s no word on a story or plot, but let’s hope they continue the trend and continue to focus on stuff that we haven’t seen with the character.

Source : Deadline

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