James Cameron To Release 3D Film On His Recent Ocean Dive

If James Cameron isn’t blowing up records at the box office, then he’s probably out in the world breaking other records. Recently, he was a part of an expedition that traveled to the world’s deepest point in the ocean. He happened to bring down a 3D camera with him and the resulted footage will air on TV screens, as well as a possible 3D theatrical release by the end of 2012.

Deepsea Challenge is the name of the project and according to /Film it’s going to document the entire voyage, from constructing the ship to traveling to the very bottom of the ocean floor.

Cameron is no stranger of the open waters, having directed Ghosts of the Abyss (and the more obvious Titanic). It has also been said that Avatar 2 will take place near/in the ocean waters, so maybe he’s doing some research for that?

Are you looking forward to Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge? Or are you holding your breath for another original, non-Avatar project?

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