James Cameron To Film 3 Avatar Sequels Back-To-Back

James Cameron isn’t known to the world of movie-making as a by-the-books filmmaker. No; he’s known for continuously pushing the envelope in some form. It may not be in terms of original story, but you can’t say he doesn’t try in some medium. His 3D obsession created a boom in Hollywood and now his expensive underwater adventures are going to explode in front of your own eyes!

The latest comes from ShowBiz 411 and they’re saying that James Cameron plans to film three Avatar sequels back-to-back, or at least that’s what star Sigourney Weaver is going around telling people.

This would lock up Cameron, Weaver and the rest of the cast/crew for a good decade or two. Cameron isn’t known for his speed, but his careful planning.

I’m not sure if Cameron even has enough story to expand over three films, but I’d love to see him try.

What about you?

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