James Bond 2.0: How To Inject New Life Into The 007 Gaming Franchise

Turning video games into movies is one way to keep a franchise fresh, but what about when you turn a movie into a game? Initially, the crossover can be effective. Having the ability to control your favorite onscreen character is a great way to relive the excitement you felt watching the movie. However, after a while, it’s common and quite easy for movie-to-game conversions to become stale.

Take, for example, the 007 games. Obviously based on the James Bond movie franchise, these games are limited by two things. Firstly, the developers can only release a game once a movie has been released (as they often have the same name). Secondly, these games often follow a storyline that’s been set out by the movie (Although James Bond 007: Blood Stone did buck this trend).

Bond is a Hit Regardless

Now, this isn’t to say 007 games aren’t popular or successful. According to a review of the 20-strong gaming franchise by mi6-hq.com, six of the top selling James Bond games sold more than 13 million units on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in the US and EMEA alone. Add to that the fact GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 sold eight million units and it’s fair to say the franchise has been a hit.

However, with gamers now demanding more interaction, originality and content, the natural question becomes: where can 007 go from here? One suggestion raised by Universal Exports is fresh storylines. Answering the question “what next with 007 games?” the gaming site points to Blood Stone‘s use of original storylines and sneaky ways of taking out enemies was much more in the spirit of James Bond.

Originality is Vital in Today’s Gaming Community

Instead of piggybacking off an existing plot and making the game fit, a better way to rejuvenate the 007 game franchise would be to develop a totally new world. Quite how that would look is unclear, but there’s certainly enough material out there for developers to take inspiration from. Maybe, Bond could square off against all his enemies in a single quest? Maybe Bond could team up with another 00 agent? Whatever the dynamics, there is undoubtedly enough juice in the character to squeeze out something original.

Of course, that’s not all. If the developers really wanted to step outside of the box, they could create some auxiliary gaming content. As the Universal Export article points out, casino fans can now go online and play a variety of movie-themed slots. From Terminator to Gladiator, the iGaming industry has allowed movie franchises to branch out and offer a slightly different gaming experience.

New Set-Ups May Bring Bond Back to Life

007 could easily slide into this genre and not only win over some new fans, but entertaining existing players who want to see their virtual hero in a new setting. But that’s not all. With virtual reality now set to dominate the gaming world, there’s no reason we couldn’t see players assume the guise of Mr. Bond and explore his world.

By stepping into his shoes, players could explore at Grand Theft Auto-style world. From the secret offices of MI6 and exotic countries to the underground hideaways of his enemies, players could walk Bond through a variety of connected settings in order to complete various missions.

If you’re a gamer, then you probably yearn for something more from Bond. Whether or not we’ll see it though remains to be seen.


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