Jack Reacher Sequel Not Likely


One of the biggest surprises of December (and also the entire year) was Christopher McQuarrie‘s Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise in yet another bad-ass leading role. The simplistic, yet highly effective action picture had a bit of a weak marketing push, coming out in a crowded December marketplace and never really getting its proper chance to shine.

I blame most of this on Paramount’s horrible attempt to market the film, because most of the trailers (and especially the posters) were selling us simply on Cruise in a leading role and not the actual character, which is ported from a series of books by author Lee Child.

Now it’s looking like the planned sequel (remember: Paramount wanted to make this into a new franchise) isn’t going to happen, unless it makes some strong cash while playing at some of its last overseas markets. The film didn’t bomb stateside, but it certainly opened softer than anyone involved hoped for.

That’s too bad, because McQuarrie rarely gets work and I strongly believe that it is his direction that blended so well with Cruise’s ability to lead a movie like no other.

Jack Reacher was a great bit of fun and something that I’d love to see more of, but now it looks like that won’t be the case.

Did you see Jack Reacher? If not can you tell us why you skipped it?

Source : THR

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