Jack Reacher Director Christopher McQuarrie Might Join Cruise For Mission: Impossible 5

Paramount’s Tom Cruise actioner Jack Reacher opens this December, from director Christopher McQuarrie. It looks like an old-fashioned no-holds-barred action flick with a familiar face and a simplistic story and that works for Cruise and the studio in charge of releasing the film.

It’s looking like the studio is so happy with the film that they want director Christopher McQuarrie to join Tom Cruise for Mission: Impossible 5. The series reached an all-time high with last year’s Ghost Protocol, which was directed with scope and style by Brad Bird.

Nothing has been signed or made official, but if all goes well we can expect McQuarrie to join them for the fifth installment. This news might collapse on itself if Jack Reacher exceeds at the box office, because Paramount has already expressed interest in making a franchise out of the film, with McQuarrie.



Source : Deadline

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