J.K. Simmons Confirmed For Multiple ‘Terminator’ Sequels

The 4th of July weekend has arrived, which means new movies will try to compete with you spending time with your family, grilling and enjoying fireworks or doing whatever it is that you do over this long weekend.

One of the two big movies that opened this week is Terminator: Genisys, which isn’t exactly the best Terminator film, but also not the worst.

I reviewed it right here, so feel free to give that a read before diving deeper into this quick casting update.

It appears that the film’s strongest comedic link, J.K. Simmons — has signed onto multiple sequels for the film, which is supposed to be a reboot and start of a new Terminator trilogy.

Keep in mind that Simmons doesn’t exactly know what Paramount has in store for him just yet and that it’s very likely that they don’t even know what to do with the property yet either.

This all comes down to box office intake and general audience reactions. If Terminator seems like a viable franchise worth continuing, then Simmons will definitely be back for more.

Source : /Film


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