Is More Batman Coming To ‘Batman V Superman’?

WB is banking an incredible amount on the success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s not only continuing Superman’s story, but introducing a new Batman to the world, plus starting up the Justice League in a very big way that should last us years to come.

But Dawn of Justice was originally supposed to be Man of Steel 2, until mixed box office numbers and reactions, plus The Avengers led us to a team-up film that is said to still mostly be focused on Superman.

Now, rumors are swirling that WB and higher ups are so thrilled with Ben Affleck‘s performance that they want more Batman in the film. That’s no shocker really, because they’ve been Bat-obsessed for decades and it’s not like one solid trilogy from Christopher Nolan was going to change any of that. I mean this is a business after all.

But word is also traveling that they want less Superman in addition to more Batman, which might seem troublesome to those still thinking that this a star-studded and glorified Man of Steel sequel.

How is that going to work without massive re-shoots and script changes? Can this end in any other way that’s not disastrous?

I sure hope so.

Source : Heroic Hollywood

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