Is Henry Cavill Out As Superman?

It’s no secret that WB has absolutely dropped the ball with their rushed DC Cinematic Universe. They had such an impressive run with Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy and then suddenly felt the heat as Marvel blew up with their MCU.

Suddenly, Man of Steel didn’t just become another comic book movie, but the beginning of a harsh few years.

I still think Man of Steel is visually impressive and well-acted, thanks to Henry Cavill‘s inherently good performance and Zack Snyder‘s energetic direction, but I’d be lying if I said it was a flawless masterpiece.

Still, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crashed and burned (again, another film I dug) and then Justice League absolutely shat the bed, partially because of its constant tinkering in post and also because WB had absolutely no idea what kind of film they were making.

Wonder Woman‘s success didn’t really help this matter.

But I digress.

Word is out that Cavill couldn’t make a cameo for Shazam! work and suddenly is in talks of exiting the DCU. This is such a sad tragedy. Cavill, never really had the opportunity to shine as Superman for more than one film.

BvS focused too much on Affleck’s Batman and the forming of the JL and then Justice League tried oh so hard to recapture that WW magic, without ever paying respect to Cavill’s groundwork.

If Cavill goes then WB will have their opportunity to truly start fresh. There’s already endless buzz regarding Ben Affleck bailing on Matt ReevesThe Batman, which again is misfortunate. 

Cavill represents the birth of this troubled and disastrous DCU that I honestly wanted to see through. Give the man his chance at another solo film and for goodness sake, pair him up with a fresh filmmaker that can take this franchise to new or undiscovered heights.

I was all for Snyder ushering in this new wave of films, but when the box office numbers started dropping, so did WB’s faith in the filmmaker, which meant cutting scenes, retooling scenes and basically neutering everything good about his talents. 

On the other hand, maybe Cavill doesn’t need the stress or the drama? I don’t blame him for cutting ties and leaving. 

But we will always be left wondering what if…

Source : THR


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