Is Christopher Nolan In Talks For ‘Bond 24’?


Will Christoper Nolan tackle a James Bond film after making the successful Dark Knight Trilogy, while also blowing our minds up with Inception and soon Interstellar?

I don’t think so.

Nolan has often mentioned wanting to do Bond, but nothing ever happened. Sam MendesSkyfall is practically like a big-budget Nolan movie anyways, so why should he even bother at this point? I have no doubt that Nolan will eventually direct a Bond film when the time is right, but I don’t see Bond 24 being the one.

He’s working on Interstellar right now, which is a big-budget original piece of sci-fi that the studios are letting him fully do and then after that I’m sure he’ll again be able to do something else original.

I think that as long as his movies make WB tons of money, he’ll continue making his own original stuff, while also maybe dipping into the Justice League or acting as some sort of top dog overseer for all things DC-related.

Bond would either be a quick paycheck or a last-resort option that he’d consider after he runs out of original stuff to make.

Sources say that he’s started “internally discussing” the idea of directing the next film with producers, but I doubt things will ever get past conversations at this point in Nolan’s career.

He just doesn’t need Bond right now and to be honest Bond doesn’t really need him either.

Source : We Got This Covered

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