New International Taken 2 Trailer Reveals More

The first trailer for Taken 2 was vague in the plot reveals and pretty much straight-forward in the Liam Neeson kicking ass reveals. It wasn’t a bad trailer release by any means, but it felt a little too recycled and painfully unneeded in my opinion.

I’ll be there on day one to see Taken 2 and I’ll probably have a blast, but I just don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as good as the first film, which was a surprise box office hit.

This new international trailer for Taken 2 reveals the main plot point a little better, which is my only gripe with the film thus far. I don’t like the idea of Bryan’s brat daughter (played by Maggie Grace) having to step up and save her parents from an abduction.

The trailer reminds us that Neeson will still be doing most of the ass-kicking, but that doesn’t mean Grace won’t have her chance to shine.

I’m going to try and remain optimistic between now and the film’s October 5th, 2012 release, but that might be hard.

Check out the trailer below:

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