Interesting Premise Explored In Second Trailer For ‘Upside Down’


Okay, let me just be honest with you for a moment. I’m a sucker for cheap romance with big concepts. There’s just something about ’em that makes me actually care about the core relationship. But there has to be a weird concept or something big to explore or else the film will most-likely go off the rails and become another sappy romance.

Almost 90% of the time these big concept/interesting premise romances look horrible and like they just won’t work, but every once in a while the result is something good. The Adjustment Bureau is the last romantic sci-fi (yeah?) film that I can think of off the top of my head that really worked. The film billed itself as an action/thriller, but most were pissed because what they got was a love story with an added sci-fi twist. I dug it a lot, because the leads showed strong chemistry and the concept worked wonders.

This brings me to Upside Down. Everything about the production should have me running for the hills, but I’m not. There’s just something about this ridiculous idea that has me intrigued and while I know I’ll most-likely end up disliking the film I can’t help myself from getting a little excited.

The idea is that there are two worlds; one above and one below and the two must never cross. Somewhere along the lines two people (played by Cloud AtlasJim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst) meet and fall in love with each other. The rest looks like goofy sci-fi that we should be laughing at (and admittedly I did laugh when I first watched the trailer), but it clicks on a level of trying to do something drastically different to a tired genre.

The film had a trailer that came out sometime last year and now we’ve got a second one, which means they’ve been sitting on this film for a while. That’s never a good sign, but I’ll go into it hoping for the best.

Upside Down opens in limited release on March 15th, 2013.

Watch the second trailer below:


Source : Yahoo!

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