Instagram (beta) Has Finally Arrived On Windows Phone


Instagram is one of the most used apps on all smartphones. It’s been on iPhone and Android devices forever, while Microsoft has been working around the clock to land it on their Windows Phone devices.

There was once a time when the owners of the app flat out said that there wasn’t enough activity on Windows Phone for them to even consider an app, yet Microsoft continued to do whatever it took to secure one.

Users have been very vocal about the entire thing too, which led to developer Rudy Huyn‘s impressive 6tag, among various other third party clients. 6tag made the biggest dent, because it came loaded with all of the official app features, plus even more exclusives that promised its users a leg up on the official apps on Apple and Android devices.

Rudy hasn’t stopped impressing either, releasing updates quite frequently.

And now, the boys over at Instagram have finally listened. Well, sort of.

Yesterday marked the launch of an official Instagram app for Windows Phone, which has dropped with a beta tag on it. Why is it in beta? Well, you can’t capture/share videos just yet, plus it’s missing a few other noted features, like tagging and pinning your photos on the map.

The folks over at Instagram have promised updates to come soon, saying that they were focused on releasing a barebones app that would focus on the core features to promise Windows Phone users a similar experience.

I must say, the app does run very smoothly. I love how quickly the scrolling and swiping appears to be, plus it’s nice to see a Windows Phone-focused design of the popular app layout. Still, Rudy’s 6tag has been around for awhile now and with Rudy you know updates will come sooner rather than later.

It’s great to see official apps coming to the marketplace, but it’s also great to continue to support developers that really care about the OS and its consumers.

Will you be downloading Instagram or sticking with Rudy’s 6tag? Let us know below!

Download Instagram (beta) right here.


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