Insidious Chapter 2 Confirmed For Aug. 2013 With Original Cast And Director

Insidious was a spooky horror film that sort of came out of nowhere in 2011. Saw director James Wan managed to successfully build up the chilling atmosphere with a lot of old-school tension and character development, which was met with a third act that split most of the audiences.

I enjoyed where he took the film, but I can certainly understand why some didn’t appreciate the complete change in pace.

The official announcement of Insidious Chapter 2 is a puzzling one, because the film mostly wrapped things up with an attempted twist ending that felt complete, at least for this particular family.

FilmDistrict has confirmed via a press release that James Wan will be returning to direct the sequel, which will make its way into theaters on August 30th, 2013. The weirdest thing about this announcement is the confirmation of Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson and the rest of the original cast returning to reprise their roles. This means that the sequel won’t be a simple rehash with a new family, but an actual continuation.

This makes me worried, because Insidious mostly felt like a one-shot, but the returning cast makes me at least interested in seeing where Wan and his writer Leigh Whannell take the film.

Jason Blum and Oren Peli will return as producers too.

Are you excited for the sequel?

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