Infested Films Presents ‘Drumman’s Palace’

drummans palace

We here at The Daily Rotation have dedicated a lot of time and effort to supporting independent cinema in our short existence, whether by reviewing short and feature films, or featuring trailers of upcoming films, we try to spread the promotion around to everyone, not just the big studio movies that have enough money and promotion to crush every true indie under their boot anyway.  So we’re proud to let you know that our very own David Sherbrook is hard at work on his next project, the short film Drumman’s Palace.  

David has a few short films under his belt already, including Theodore and a segment in the upcoming feature length horror anthology Closing Costs, but for this one, David has turned to KickStarter in order to get some help in the process.  Check out the plot outline below, and if it sounds interesting to you, check out the promo trailer at the bottom, and head on over to the KickStarter page if you’d like to donate, any donation is welcome, but if you donate $10 or more, there is a sliding scale of cool features you can collect if the project reaches its funding goal, so be sure to check it out.  With KickStarter you can get in on the ground floor of some really cool projects, and for those of you interested in gory horror movies, this may be a great opportunity to help a film with practical special F/X come to fruition!

The story of Drumman’s Palace is:

“Charlie has a dream: to be like his idols, the great drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. On his way home from school one day he comes upon a new store, Drumman’s Palace, and is enticed by the owner, promising him the key to all his desires in the form of a new and mystical radio. But at what cost do your dreams come?

Set upon the idealistic backdrop of America in the 1950s, Drumman’s Palace is a stylistic tour de force, where nightmares come to life and passion comes with a price. Follow Charlie as his dreams become reality in horrifying ways, delving him deep into a world few can comprehend and into the jaws of a creature so terrifying he may not live to tell its tale.”

Source : Infested Films

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