Hunger Games Makes $19.7 Million From Midnight Screenings

Those doubting if Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games is going to be breaking any records this weekend should know that the film grossed an estimated $19.7 million dollars on midnight screenings alone, according to Box Office Mojo.

That ranks it as the 7th highest midnight opening after the last three Harry Potter and Twilight films, which makes it the highest midnight opening ever for a non-sequel film. This news has changed some estimates for the weekend haul, which was originally estimated around the $125 million dollar range. People are now thinking it might fall more in line with The Dark Knight‘s opening record, which was around $160 million just four years ago.

All I can say is wow! I did not know the books were THAT popular. Aside from the normal internet advertising and daily posts I actually didn’t see a single ad for the film on TV. I also only remember seeing the teaser maybe once or twice at the theater.

The film is also doing really well among credits and audiences alike. Our very own Courtney gave the film an 8.5/10, which is pretty strong. Her full review can be read right here. I recently had a chance to see the film earlier this afternoon, to a crowd of about 15 people and I can’t say I was impressed. The bad outweighed the good, in my opinion, and I just can’t see what all of the fuss is about.

The Hunger Games is going to break records despite what people actually think about it. Having not read the books I must say I am kind of curious to see where they plan on going with the next film. One thing I thought was kind of odd was how complete the ending felt. There was a few things that could have been further explained, but everything sort of wraps up by the closing scene.

Did you attend a midnight screening of the film? Will you be seeing it this weekend or waiting for home video?

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