HTC One M9 Coming Soon

HTC One M9

This week has been pretty hot for smartphones, with Samsung, Microsoft Mobile and HTC all announcing new handsets to launch later this summer.

One key device to keep an eye on is the HTC One M9, which looks very similar to the M8 model, but features some impressive under-the-hood tweaks that should make it the go-to for smartphone users.

HTC apparently took lots of criticism from their M7 and M8 and packed it into the M9, which looks almost identical to the M8, but features a stronger battery, more rounded edges, a 20MP camera (with a front-facing 4 Ultra-Pixel shooter) and a new Snapdragon processor.

HTC has also smartly moved the power button from up top to the side, near the volume rocker. They’ve kept the screen size the same and most of the unibody design almost identical to the M8, which has been causing quite the chatter among avid fans.

I personally love the M8 (running the Windows Phone version on Verizon) and cannot wait until the device launches for Android this summer and (hopefully) Windows Phone or Windows 10 for phone sometime after.

Word is already spreading that the device will indeed make it to Windows Phone users, possibly being one of the first devices running Windows 10 for phone, which would be a slam dunk for Windows Phone users that are craving the next version of the mobile OS that promises to help close the gap between using Windows across phones, PCs and tablets.

The device would most-likely be a U.S. only version if running Windows, while the Android version will most-likely be available across providers and countries depending on their usual roll-out.

Info is still sketchy in terms of release dates, but HTC has posted tons of images and videos to their site, detailing all of the new features.

Will you be purchasing it?

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