How To Waste $100 Million Dollars: First Trailer For Empires Of The Deep

When Chinese millionaires get together with American millionaires to fund Hollywood projects they usually end up being disasters, unless either of your millionaires have actual experience in the filmmaking world.

I’m safely going to assume that no one involved in the production of the film Empires of the Deep had a damn clue as to what they were making, because this first trailer is beyond laughable.

The 3D film has a rumored budget of $100 million dollars, making John Carter and Battleship smile, because those films at the very least look better than this piece of entertaining trash.

The only recognizable face is Olga Kurylenko, with the rest of the cast looking like Dwayne Johnson‘s Scorpion King appearance in The Mummy 2, but slightly less realistic.


Watch the trailer below:

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