Horror News: ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ is Real & There Are 2 Child’s Play Movies in the Works

In some news that was heavily rumored for a while, it’s now official that Lionsgate and WWE Studios are going to team up to produce what seems to be a prequel to the Warwick Davis-starring Leprechaun series that went 6 movies.  Along with announcing they’ll be jointly producing the film, in an unsurprising turn, Hornswaggle, the little person wrestler (known in real life as Dylan Postl) that has been the brunt of many short jokes and a humiliating storyline where Vince McMahon was his father.  He started out as silent act for the first few years with the WWE, but in the past few years he has seemingly moved up the ranks to a speaking role.  As an unabashed fan of the entire Leprechaun series, I’ll definitely be seeing this, even though it sounds like an awful idea.  It can’t be any worse than the film they just released starring Edge (aka Adam Copeland).

In other horror news, we have long heard Don Mancini talk about remaking Child’s Play, with improved practical f/x and a darker tone.  He has original Chucky voice Brad Dourif down for the ride, but Dourif says that isn’t all they’re cooking up.  At a convention attended by Moviehole, he said the Chucky return will be two movies, one a remake, the second one, titled Revenge of Chucky, would involve Chucky’s immediate family.  The family from a new remake?  Or the family from Seed of Chucky?  I suppose we’ll find out when we find out, as Dourif says that while he’ll do the movies, he hasn’t even seen a script for the remake, so it might still be a while yet.


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