Horror Director Adam Green Attached To Kids Movie (Killer Pizza)

MGM is looking to make a comeback in the world of films. They’ve recently announced several projects to help get them back on their feet, but it looks like they have their sights set on indie horror director Adam Green, who is known for his Hatchet films and Frozen and who wrote the screenplay for Killer Pizza. Greg Taylor wrote the book, which is about a 14 year old kid who uses his job at a pizza place as a front for a monster-hunting business.

The film will be geared towards families, like this past summer’s Super 8. Green isn’t officially signed on as director, but just seeing his name attached to the project is a change of pace from his normal blood heavy horror films. It makes you wonder why MGM would want to team up with him for one of their returning films. Green hasn’t really established a name for himself amongst the mainstream folks, so why take a gamble with him? Who knows, maybe Green will be the next Robert Rodriguez and alternate between doing kid friendly family films and gory horror films.

I enjoyed Green’s Frozen. I thought it was one of the better films of last year and something truly frightening not because of the blood or guts but because of the tension he created. I’d like to see more of that kind of stuff and less Hatchet styled films. It’s fun to break up the pace with a slasher film, but Hatchet II was just a repeat of the first and I don’t think Hatchet III is really needed at this point.

Hopefully Killer Pizza can help get Green on the map and bring MGM back to the theaters. I hope something good comes out of this pairing, whether it’s a quality film or more awareness for both parties.

(via Deadline)

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