Horror Anthology Film The ABCs Of Death Gets A Poster

Horror anthology film The ABCs of Death has received this creepy looking poster, as seen above, via EW. For those of you living in a cave, The ABCs of Death features 26 directors including Nacho Vigalando, Jason Eisner, Ti West and Xavier Gens. Each director will tackle a letter in the alphabet, with the 26th entry coming from Lee Hardcastle, who won a competition put on by Drafthouse Films.

The poster is neat, but nothing special. I’m more excited for the film itself, which is a horror fans wet-dream. How Tim League and co. managed to secure this much talent for one film is beyond me. Hopefully the film will also be a way to get lesser known names out there and in the open for future projects.

The ABCs of Death will be released this September.

Keep an eye out for it!

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