Horrible Bosses Review

Well I’m not going to lie, I was pretty pumped for Horrible Bosses. When I first saw the red band trailer I got even more excited for this movie. Unfortunately I think I might have over sold myself for this movie. I mean the concept of the movie seemed like it was going to be alright but I was more so looking for it to be hilarious. That is where I went wrong expecting it to be hilarious. I shot myself in the foot because I actually had expectations for this film. Maybe the reason people are liking it is because they walked in with no expectations? Could that be?

Horrible Bosses is about three buddies who all work at different jobs. However they all have one thing in common, they hate their boss. Nick, Kurt and Dale all are getting screwed over by their bosses in many different ways. One of them is in line to get a promotion and his boss is even playing it off as if he is going to get it. Obviously he didn’t get it, otherwise he wouldn’t hate his boss. Another, Kurt, is the owner’s favorite employee yet something happens to the owner which essentially makes the owner’s son take over the company instead of Kurt. The owner’s Son, Bobby, hates Kurt and decides to make his life a living hell. And lastly, Dale is currently engaged to his fiance however his boss at his current employer, the dentist, refuses to stop hitting on him until she gets laid. Julia, Dale’s boss, ends up making friends with his fiance and blackmailing him attempting to force him into fucking her. Therefore the switch has been flicked. All three of them get the idea to make their lives a lot simpler by killing their bosses. You follow as they stalk their prey and attempt to figure out how they are going to pull off this shenanigans. While attempting to figure out the shenanigans, everything seems to go astray from the plan and shit kind of hits the fan for them.

This movie stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. Bateman plays Nick, Day plays Dale and Sudeikis plays Kurt. I felt like they had a good line up for the main casting in Horrible Bosses I just didn’t feel like they executed their performances very well. Day seemed to be all over the place with his acting. If he wasn’t running around jumping he was yelling almost every single line that he was given. Some of his one liner’s were funny, but most were terrible. All three of these guys seemed to have decent on-screen chemistry, they played the bro part pretty well. Of course this movie wouldn’t be anything without the supporting cast though. Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell all played the bosses. They were all funny in their own way. One, if not the biggest, reasons I was really looking forward to this movie was because of Jamie Foxx‘s role in it. He played Dean “Motherfucker” Jones.

Like I stated earlier, I was really looking forward to this movie because it looked hilarious. The red band trailer made it look that way of course. It sold Foxx’s character as one of the best parts of the movie. I do have to agree that Foxx’s character was probably one of the best parts of the movie still, however I was honestly a little let down with it still. Horrible Bosses also let me down because the plot was all over the place. Okay, I understand that trying to kill your boss might be kind of hectic but still. It just seemed to jump all over the place. At the beginning of the movie it did a decent job explaining why they were getting to the point of wanting to kill their bosses but it seems so cut and dry. It simply went to one of the guys and explained it, went to the next guy and explained it and then the last guy. Not once in that time did you know the relationship between the three guys (unless you watched the trailer of course) until after everything was explained. It then pretty much just shoots to them having the ingenious idea of killing their bosses.

Overall, I had a few laughs while watching Horrible Bosses but nothing like I was expecting. A lot of other people found it absolutely hilarious. Jamie Foxx‘s character was by far the best thing to come out of this movie. There seemed to be decent chemistry between the main characters, but all in all their one liners weren’t that funny. If you have to shout to get a one-liner across, it isn’t that funny in my opinion. The plot just seemed to not really go anywhere once they got the idea to kill their bosses. One of the biggest things that upset me when I finally thought about trying to give this a rating was the ending. Nothing like I had hoped, but then again I was also looking for this movie to be hilarious.

Horrible Bosses – 7/10

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