Horrible Bosses Director Seth Gordon on “King of Kong” Remake

In yet more strange sequel/prequel/reboot news,The Playlist is reporting on some updates to the long-gestating “remake” of Seth Gordon’s debut feature King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, easily the best documentary about video games ever made.  In the years since the release of King of Kong, Gordon has found plenty of work as a feature narrative director on films like Four Christmases, and this weekend’s Horrible Bosses, as well as in TV on shows like Modern Family, The Office, Community, and a segment of the documentary version of Freakanomics.

Before, the idea was to remake King of Kong as a narrative film, following Steve Weibe’s crusade to win the title of King of Kong from the villainous Billy Mitchell.  In the years since the documentary, there has been another documentary’s worth of happenings in the world of Kong, but the film would be kept to events depicted in the original film.

However, now, they are reporting that Gordon is saying something different:  It will be a mockumentary.  In his words:

“There’s a few different avenues [the film can take]. I’ve done some work on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Office’ and have worked in this doc style, and so that inspired me to say, instead of doing a traditional narrative feature script, what if we did the remake in the doc style?”

While I generally like the style of those shows, and think a mockumentary version would be entertaining, but ultimately, I don’t see the point.  Other than some different points of view, and exploration of some of the events that happened off camera, I don’t think a mockumentary version of King of Kong would bring anything new to the table.  Melissa Stack has written a new draft of the screenplay that Gordon really likes, and she’s found success in the past with her Black List script I Want to F*** Your Sister, so here’s hoping if the movie does go forward it will be funny, but I just don’t see the point.  Won’t Gordon have enough options on his plate after Horrible Bosses to do something he hasn’t already done before?

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