‘Hitman: Agent 47’ To Have A Post-Credits Sequence

I’m remaining optimistic for Fox’s Hitman reboot titled Hitman: Agent 47. I actually enjoyed the first film adaption and was rather disappointed when I found out that it was getting rebooted versus a traditional sequel.

But I enjoyed the Hitman games enough to get naturally excited for any sort of R-rated Hitman film, especially if Zachary Quinto is somehow involved.

Now, we have word that there will be a post-credits sequence following Agent 47, which could possibly lead into a sequel if the film performs well at the box office (see Fantastic Four reboot).

I’m all for more Hitman and that’s coming from a guy that hasn’t even seen the new one yet. I see it tomorrow and I hope that my words remain true after I’ve left the theater.

Head over to Screen Rant if you’d like to know more spoilers regarding the post-credits scene.


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